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  • 3M™ Betapure™ AU Series Filter Capsule, AU30Z13FK050, 30 in, 5 µ15/Case
  • 3M™ Betapure™ AU Series Filter Capsule, AU30Z13FK050, 30 in, 5 µ15/Case

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    Betapure™ AU Series
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    We set a high standard of filtration with our Betapure™ AU Series Filter Capsules. This capsule is a polypropylene encapsulated filter that does not require a separate filter vessel. Available in a wide range of configuration, including sanitary flange and hose barb connections, the 2.5" and 5" capsules are ideal for small batch and filter test applications.

    Our wide range of filter porosities allows you to precisely tailor performance characteristics and achieve optimal filtration economy by enabling defined reduction cut-off points by particle size. We developed Betapure™ AU series filter capsules using state-of-the-art technology to produce a clean, rigid, filter structure that generates reproducible effluent consistency. The filter matrix is constructed using long bicomponent fibers, each fiber having an inner core and an outer sheath. Betapure AU series filters are available in two bicomponent fiber structures, polypropylene/polyethylene or polyester/co-polyester, to provide the greatest range of compatibility for your particular process. In manufacturing the Betapure™ AU Series Filter Capsule we combine stringent material quality assurance standards, exacting in-process controls, along with extensive final product testing and verification. The results are products that provide consistent filtration from lot-to-lot, filter-to-filter. The bicomponent fibers of the filter matrix are thermally bonded with a high degree of fiber-to-fiber bonding. This provides a rigid structure that eliminates the need for a core support, along with any possibility of media migration.

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